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Besteck aus aller welt
Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen Besteck

Normann Copenhagen besteck
Normann Copenhagen ist ein dänisches Traditionsunternehmen aus der Hauptstadt Kopenhagen. Wie auch die Architektur der Stadt erinnern die Bestecke an glorreiche Tage, ohne dabei innovative Nuancen einfließen zu lassen.

Normann Copenhagen Besteck

Designer: Aron Probyn
"I believe there is something very primitive about design. As human beings we feel the need to make objects that enrich our lives physically and emotionally. My approach to design is fairly restrained. I have a very physical approach to design and I enjoy playing around with materials and finding new processes. I think good design and quality should be more accessible, sadly gone are the days when people bought things for life.
Aron Probyn

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